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Fresh Pork Knuckle Singapore Cut into Pieces - Frozen Pork Shank
Fresh Pork Knuckle Delivery Singapore Frozen Ham Hock
Fresh Pork Knuckle Singapore Frozen Pork Hock

Pork Knuckle (Pork Hock) 900g–1kg

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  • Delivery by Refrigerated Trucks
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  • Weight: 900g – 1kg
  • Vacuum Pack
  • Frozen

Pork Knuckle is located at the end of the leg, before it becomes the ankle. It contains a lot of connective tissue and collagen, which adds all the fresh flavor & melt-in-your-mouth texture when the meat has been slow roasted

Name(s): Pork Knuckle · Pork Hock · Pork Shank · Ham Hock

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