Tako Octopus Leg Sashimi Grade Singapore
Tako Boiled Octopus Leg Sashimi Grade Singapore

Tako / Octopus Leg (Sashimi Grade) 1kg

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Tako Octopus Leg is a popular sashimi in Japanese food culture. Contrary to popular belief, it is seldom eaten raw - even in Japan as it's too chewy.

Instead, Octopus in Japan is usually "ready boiled" when you purchase it. Because of this, the skin takes on a bright red color and the flesh changes from an opaque grey to white. This slight boiling renders the meat of octopus leg softer & sweeter.

  • Weight: 1kg per pack
  • Sashimi Grade

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Customer Reviews

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elbert dc

Nice, clean and fast response in delivery.

Janwar Soeheri

Tako is precooked and ready to eat. Good value.

Jaedon Ong
Real deal

If you want to save money from dondondonki you should get this, one packet will have about 7-8 legs

CKT afficianado.
Grilled Tako just like the Italian restaurant !

Seasoned with sea salt, crushed black pepper and a dash of olive oil after being completely thawed. Grilled for 2-3 minutes on each side before slicing for consumption. As good as any Italian restaurant that you can find.