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Oceanwaves Seafood supply an extensive range of wholesale food products to F&B outlets, restaurants, hawker stalls, canteens in Singapore.

Right now, we have more than 300+ different food products sold offline – not listed on this online consumer store as they are for bulk purchases only (e.g. by 5kg–10kg carton)

We have our own cold store and refrigerated freezer trucks to process, pack and deliver all food to your restaurants from Monday to Saturday.

Fresh Beef Delivery Certified Angus Beef Meat Cuts Steak - Oceanwaves SG
fresh fish red grouper, salmon, threadfin
hokkaido a5 wagyu beef new york strip steak
fresh frozen hokkaido scallops

For Product Requests / F&B Wholesale Enquires:

Send us a message below
Whatsapp Joanna at +65 9652 7160

**Please indicate the name & location of your F&B outlet in your message.

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